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Everyone Loves flowers. If you have ever wondered what makes the Universe tick take a look at a flower. Get up close and personal and you will be immediately moved by the flowers beauty , color, smell and radiance. If you do go deeper and peer inside the flower you certainly will see the power of the cosmos at work and perhaps if you are lucky you can also hear its calling. Sometimes I find myself daydreaming about the amazing workings of our planet . I can see it all happening within the flower.
Lovely LotusBeauty In The Night!Morning Rain #1RanunculusMy Arizona , ArizonaColorful BeautyWedding Day#2Lavender Bloom on a Misty MorningEarly MorningEscargot BagoniaRain Drops in TrinidadStar Gazer in the NightWhite RosesYellow French TulipsHumboldt FogYellow Sunflower with IrisPurple IrisA Tint of RanunculusMorning Rain #3Love the Fuchsia Colored  Bloom