Photography is my passion. Whenever I can share beauty in the world through my photography I know it will be a good day. If the community responds by likening my vision, my heart fills with pride, gratitude and humility. I know that I have done something right to make our planet a better place.

I see Juried Exhibitions as a way to share my best work with all of you. I hope that you like what you see. Each one of these pieces are  also available  for sale if you are moved by them. Should you be interested in purchasing anything drop me a line and I would be happy to let you know if it is still on the market or which limited additions are left.

Arpad Petrass




2018 Dark Room Gallery Exhibition "Trees"

Essex Junction, Vermont

Juror Michael Pannier

The Gentle GiantThe Gentle Giant

The oldest known single living organism on the earth is said to be a Great Basin bristlecone pine (pinus longaeva) living in the White Mountains of California. It's age is estimated at a little over 5,000 years. Trees have endured through every kind of catastrophe imaginable. . Now that human activity is dramatically reducing forest and jungle we're beginning to understand just how vital a role they play maintaining the viability of life. Forests of all kinds have been called "the lungs of the world".  They're essential to the earth's carbon cycle, taking in carbon dioxide, storing the carbon, and releasing oxygen to the atmosphere. In addition, people have depended on them for all manner of uses, from heating dwellings and cooking food to providing everything from canoes to cashews. Little wonder, then, that trees were worshiped as gods in some ancient societies



2018 LA Open Exhibition "Storm Clouds"

Tag Gallery- Los Angeles, CA

January , 2018

 Juror, Fabian Debora chose 110 artworks for this year’s exhibition from more than 922 submissions received from the greater Los Angeles area.





Daily BoxerDaily Boxer******THIS IS A SIGNED LIMITED EDITION OF 50 PRINTS BY ARPAD PETRASS in Different sizes. Please inquire about sizes****** 2017 California Open Exhibition "The Daily Boxer"

Tag Gallery-Los Angeles, CA

The 2017 California Open was curated to carefully emphasize the ability of art to manifest itself in the individual and oneself, crossing borders into an almost spiritual realm of language that all creatives share, acting as an invisible collective unconscious that drives artists to create



Dreaming in 8x 10Dreaming in 8x 10This soft portrait of a women lying in bed invites the imagination to wonder who she is and what she is doing

Your Daily Photograph "Dreaming in 8x10"

Duncan Miller Gallery

July, 2017






Old Texas GoldOld Texas Gold


Your Daily Photograph  "Old Texas Gold" Transportation Contest Winner

Duncan Miller Gallery

September, 2016



Horsetail  FallsHorsetail Falls

  • ​San Diego Natural History Museum- "Best Of Nature 2016" Exhibition

          Ordover Gallery- Juror: Abe Ordover + 3 San Diego Photographer

          April 30-August 28 -2016






  • Darkroom Gallery-" Storm Clouds" Nocturne Exhibition

          Juror: Lance Keimig

          September 09, 2015






June 02, 2015

Early Morning

  • PhotoPlace Gallery- " Early Morning" Golden Hours: Dawn and Dusk Exhibition 

Juror:Juror:Eddie Soloway

         June 2015






Desert SunsetDesert SunsetAnother magical moment as the sunsets in Death Valley National park

PhotoPlace Gallery-"Desert Sunset" Golden Hours:Dawn and Dusk Exhibition

:Juror:Eddie Soloway

         June 2015




Eye Of HopeEye Of Hope*****THIS IS A SIGNED LIMITED EDITION OF 50- 100 PRINTS in different sizes . Inquire about the sizes ******.

Your Daily Photograph "Eye Of Hope"

Duncan Miller Gallery

March, 2014





PhotoPlace Gallery- "The Grandmother Tree" The Art of Travel Photography

Juror: Kurt Mutchier-National Geographic

June 2013