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The beauty of the oceans and the color of our sunsets challenge us to stand in awe of their magnificence . As we watch the sun setting we must wonder where our place in the Universe really is.
Dana Harbor BurnSan Clemente Surfing SunsetMy PierSan Clemente DayStanding Tall#82-College Cove#107 Summertime in AvalonCapistrano Sunset#111-Laguna Beach at Moss BeachPhoenix SunsetSan Clemente DarkSalt Creek SunsetHIdden  Lookout PointSurfin HeavenSan Clemente Pier HorizontalSan Clemente Pier VerticalWinter SunsetGorgeous Sunset  at Mesquite Flats Sand Duns in Death Valley National ParkThe River Meets the OceanAvila Beach Pier