Arpad Petrass Visceral Photography: Blog en-us (C) Arpad Petrass Visceral Photography [email protected] (Arpad Petrass Visceral Photography) Thu, 27 Aug 2020 22:59:00 GMT Thu, 27 Aug 2020 22:59:00 GMT Arpad Petrass Visceral Photography: Blog 120 90 The Cosmos The CosmosThe CosmosThis strong, bold and beautiful image reminds me of traveling through the cosmos during the dawn of man.

This strong, bold and beautiful image reminds me of traveling through the cosmos during the dawn of man.

[email protected] (Arpad Petrass Visceral Photography) bold and powerful cosmos dawn of man explosion galaxy light painting milky way nebuli night time photography outer space purple red space stars travel Wed, 27 Feb 2019 01:54:18 GMT

I am very excited to announce that the curators of YourDailyPhotograph.comhave selected one of my photos . They select very few photos so this is an honor. This is an edition of only 5. Contact them if you are interested. Let me know what you think. I would love your feedback....Arpad Petrass

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Contest Winner: "Old Texas Gold" Old Texas Gold-Old Texas Gold-Contest winner Your Daily Photograph Dear Friends and Photography  Lovers:

I am pleased to announce that my photo “Old Texas Gold” has been accepted by  one of the Contest Winners: for  ‘Transportation’ . Please click on the photo link Below:

In the recent past mages from Henri Cartier-Bresson, Andreas Gursky, Richard Misrach, Andre Kertesz, Edward Burtynsky and other photography legends have appeared in YDP.

Please help support me and share this information on your social media. If you are a collector you can purchase this limited edition directly from Your Daily Photograph.

Thanks for the support


[email protected] (Arpad Petrass Visceral Photography) Arpad Petrass Beyond Limits Photography San Clemente California Contest Dana Point Duncan Miller Gallery Old Photograph' Texas Your Daily Photograph abandoned collectors drilling fields gold horizontal oil oil wells period sepia transportation vintage viseral wells Mon, 26 Sep 2016 19:47:38 GMT
5 Ways to Keep Your Photos Safe Five Ways to Keep Your Photos Safe

Releasing images to the World Wide Web is an important step in a modern photographer’s

marketing efforts, so when uploading your images, it’s crucial to know that your images are

securely protected from photo thieves.

I found this great article by Fine art photographer Adam Edwards breaks down the

five steps he takes to protect his images.  I could not agree more


Adam goes on to say :  ……Getting the perfect shot isn’t easy. As a landscape photographer, some of my shots are months

or even years in the making—waiting for the right time of year, appropriate lighting and weather

conditions, with further time being spent in post-production. I don’t want to let all that hard work

go down the drain so I make sure to protect my images online. Here’s how to keep them safe:


1. Copyright your images

The first step I take in my image protection workflow happens offline before uploading—I fill out

the metadata fields for the image. I use Adobe Lightroom, which allows me to save a template with

standard fields like copyright and common keywords pre-populated. I can then tailor the titles,

captions, and keywords as needed before uploading the images to my website using the plug-in.

Once uploaded, the title, description, keyword and copyright fields are then automatically

populated in my account, saving precious time and ensuring that all images carry a consistent

copyright notification.

2. Resize your images

When exporting and posting these images online in places other than my personal website, I always

make sure to resize the images to smaller versions so that even if they were to be downloaded,

high-quality prints could not be made from the files. Rather than needing to create multiple resized

versions offline, my website actually does this for me when a large image is uploaded, helpfully creating several resized versions ready for sharing on external sites.

3. Create a watermark

When posting on social media or art communities, I always include a watermark. While I’m not a big

fan of large, intrusive watermarks that detract from an image, adding a simple watermark with your

logo, business name and/or URL of your website can be an effective way to reinforce branding and

allow anyone viewing the image out of context to find more of your work and/or contact you.


4. Restrict gallery access with passwords

For the majority of my work I don’t need password-protected galleries, since the images I create generally aren’t sensitive client images requiring protection. That said, I do occasionally

shoot more personal images for clients, friends and family, and on these occasions I truly value the flexibility my website offers in presenting and protecting these images with a hidden or

password-protected gallery. If all of your work is client-related, it’s generally a smart move to implement this on every gallery, so that only the people in the photos have access to them.


5. Choose a website that keeps photos safe

All images uploaded to my website benefit from built-in protection against right-click saving or dragging to desktop by default, ensuring the images cannot easily be downloaded by would-be thieves without your say-so. My site allows me to upload my full-resolution images for storage and

print sales but limits the size they are displayed. This lets me strike a good balance between displaying photos large enough for viewers to appreciate the details while ensuring they aren’t so large that any downloaded files would be able to make high-quality prints. The ability to apply a

watermark and select my preferred image size when exporting to social media, without needing to create multiple resized, watermarked versions of the file before uploading, is a great time saver.

Also, the Share button I make available in my galleries allows anyone to easily share a link back to the page rather than allowing people to download and re-upload elsewhere as they choose.

As photographers, our images are our livelihood, so it is of the utmost importance to take steps to protect our images online. Having a website that ensures safety measures, along with being part of a good community of photographers who know your work, will surely keep the majority of your images safe.

Adam has been using Zenfolio for years and loves the right-click protection, copyright notice on each page, and the vast array of image protection tools at his disposal. “Zenfolio allows me to display my work at its best across a wide range of devices, while also ensuring that my image security needs are met. It also offers me peace of mind knowing that high-resolution versions of my images are backed up online and available for me to download back to my computer at any time.”

To learn more about how you can keep your images safe with the best photo website out there, visit and sign up for the free, two-week trial today.

© 2014 Zenfolio Inc.


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Storm Clouds I am very Happy to announce that my Storm Clouds Photo was selected as one of the winning pictures in the juried exhibition Nocturne. This is my first time working with the Darkroom Gallery in Vermont. The exhibit opens September 17th.


Congrats on your selection for inclusion in Darkroom Gallery's "Nocturne" Exhibition.

Posted by Thedark Room on Monday, August 24, 2015

[email protected] (Arpad Petrass Visceral Photography) Arpad Petrass Beyond Limits Photography San Clemente California Dana Point Darkroom Gallery Lake Photography Landscape Long Exposure Night Time Photography San Clemente Vermont Vertical juried exhibition nocturne storm clouds Tue, 25 Aug 2015 22:08:25 GMT
Long Exposure Photography Casa Romantica at NightCasa Romantica at NightIn front of Casa Romantica at Night

I am really falling in love with night time photography and using long exposure. There is such a sense of adventure, mystery, science and luck associated with taking pictures outdoors at night or within the confines of your own studio. Especially if your studio sometimes happens to be in your own kitchen at times.

I wanted to do something different so i went out to Casa Romantica in San Clemente CA to take this picture. I wanted to get an old time feel to the photograph so I shot it in black & white and gave it a sepia tint in post production.

The funny part about taking this picture, as I was setting up in their parking lot, the doors suddenly as their special event had just ended. Everyone was making a mad dash to their cars as I was trying to take a good picture. Its a good thing that no one ran me over. I sure was not going to die for my craft.

The ISO was set at 100- f18 and 1/10 of a sec on the shutter speed. The slow shutter speed gave the water a missy quality and the low ISO got ride of some grain and noise.

[email protected] (Arpad Petrass Visceral Photography) architecture" Beyond Limits Photography San Clemente Casa Romantica fountains long Exposure Night Time Photography San Clemente sepia slow shutter speeds Spanish spanish courtyards Sun, 28 Jun 2015 16:00:00 GMT
Free Photography Workshops Birds NestBirds NestThis originally started out as a closeup of a birds next that was in the neighbors back yard. The crazy circular lines just spoke to me so I had to create something with it.
Come to the #OCphotoSummit for a FREE Day of Photography! 10speakers, 6workshops & Camera Equipment Expo. register @

I went Last Year and it was a Blast! Learn something new and it s FREE

[email protected] (Arpad Petrass Visceral Photography) Orange County California Beyond Limits Photography San Clemente Free Photography Workshops: San Clemente Mon, 11 May 2015 03:16:34 GMT
Opening Day for mammoth Lakes Fishing

Here is the Opening Day Letter from the Mammoth Lakes Tourism Board...Wow what a day! Fish On Everyone!


.......What an opener! It was a White Fishmas with the 12" of snow we received, but that didn't stop those who were here from casting their lines. Monitor Pass and Sonora Pass had closed due to the weather but reopened yesterday (4/27). The weather now is looking to be in the upper 60's for the rest of the week, which will make it a great weekend to get out and catch some trout. 


Fishing conditions in Hot Creek are good but the water levels are low sitting at 18cfs as of yesterday (4/27). If you can find a good spot, then the fishing is quite good. Recommended fly is a Griffith's Gnat #22 or an extended body blue winged olive 20-22.
The water levels in Crowley Lake are on the rise, and the fishing conditions are decent in most areas, but the fish are spread out. They're also in all different depths of water so use your fishfinder to help you locate those guys.
Some fishermen had good luck at Twin Lakes in Bridgeport with some weighing in just under 11 pounds. Although the weather was pretty tough, they stuck it out and did pretty well. Try using various stick baits like Papalas for trolling or inflated crawlers and power bait (always my go-to) for bait fishing.


Fish on!




Mammoth Lakes Tourism

[email protected] (Arpad Petrass Visceral Photography) Mammoth Lakes Monitor Pass Opening Day Fishing Season Sonora Pass crowley lake easter fishfinder fishing griffith's gnat #22 sierra" trout win peaks" Thu, 30 Apr 2015 20:02:34 GMT
Light Painting- A New Touch Light PaintingLight PaintingThis Photograph was taken in a dark doom without any electrical lights illuminating the subject or background. It was all done by a hand held flash light

I learned a few new Light Painting techniques recently that I am excited about. This photo was taken in a totally dark room using a long exposure of 20 seconds at f16. Start with an ISO of about 400 and experiment. There was no Photoshopping of the image except for a crop or two. This is the untouched JPEG

There were no studio lights used. Every light that you see is a short burst of light with a hand held flash light. The results are amazing. Let me know what you think.


[email protected] (Arpad Petrass Visceral Photography) Arpad Petrass Beautiful women Beyond Limits Photography San Clemente Dana Point Pink ballerina ballet light Painting night Time Photography sculpting with light Sat, 25 Apr 2015 18:40:01 GMT
Winners of the 2015 "Bridges" Competition Dear Friends, Collectors and Fans:                 

I am pleased to announce that one of my photos "The Eye Of Hope" has been accepted by . I am so excited by this because in the recent past images from Henri Cartier-Bresson, Andreas Gursky, Richard Misrach, Andre Kertesz, Edward Burtynsky and other photography legends have appeared in YDP.

Here is the  link to the photograph.

The Photograph goes on Sale April 6th 2015 

When you see it let me know what you think.  I would love to hear from. Happy Easter everyone!


Arpad Petrass

[email protected] (Arpad Petrass Visceral Photography) Black and White Photography Alabama Hills Andre Kertesz Andreas Gursky Beyond Limits Photography San Clemente Bridges Competition Duncan Miller Gallery Edward Burtynsky Henri Cartier-Bresson Richard Misrach The Eye Of Hope Your Daily Photograph eastern Sierra san Clemente Mon, 06 Apr 2015 02:25:09 GMT
The Love Connection
The Love Collection....
Inspiring Love Stories from National Geographic!
Did you Know that Alexander Graham Bell.........
"At National Geographic, we know that love takes many forms. Passion for the planet, lust for learning, natural instincts, and good old-fashioned romance—we celebrate them all."
Click on the link to read more

[email protected] (Arpad Petrass Visceral Photography) Alexander Graham Bell Arpad Petrass Beyond Limits Photography San Clemente Collection" Dana Point Love Love Stores San Clemente The The Chemistry of Love Valentines day national Geaographic passion Tue, 10 Feb 2015 23:05:26 GMT
National Photo Contest-Need your help Dear Family and Friends.

I NEED Winter StreamWinter StreamI love the way the Winter Stream squeezes through the frozen ice creating a magical moment. YOUR HELP! I have entered my first National Photo Contest. The winner gets to be on National TV and talk about their Photography. Can you believe it. I would be over the top if they gave me a chance to talk about Art, Beauty and My Photography.

World-Renowned photographer Anne Geddes will be the final judge. However, a photo must first get over 250 votes per image before Anne will get to see it.

I would be honored to have your vote for both of my pictures. Please go to the two different links below and place you vote. It is that simple.

Would you consider helping me out with this? It would mean a lot to me.

Hollywood , here I come. Don’t forget to check out my website too if you’re not too busy.

There are two different photos each with their own Links:


If you are not a member of Fine Art America you can still vote by logging in through your Facebook account when you click the link.

Take care my friends

Arpad Petrass

Please share these links with others as often as you like but you can only vote once per photo

[email protected] (Arpad Petrass Visceral Photography) Beyond Limits Photography San Clemente, , Dana Point San Clemente anne Geddes arpad petrass blue california cloudy day cold dam eastern sierra frozen frozen water lake loneliness long exposure mammoth lakes mountains mystic waters nature nature photography overcast day river sierra silky water snow landscape water fall water running under frozen ice white winter winter steam Wed, 04 Feb 2015 21:58:14 GMT
What Kind of Flower is this?  
[email protected] (Arpad Petrass Visceral Photography) Beyond Limits Photography San Clemente Calla Lilly Dana Point San Clemente flower Photography flowers san Diego Fri, 29 Aug 2014 01:15:59 GMT
The Flowers Are Here! The Flowers Are Here!
Purple TulipsPurple Tulips                                       Morning Rain #1Morning Rain #1I just love the way the rain gently sits and pools on the forest floor
Since the heart surgery I have not been able to go out in the field to take pictures during the last 2-1/2 months.  Since I was not up for traveling, my home was the safest place for me to be.
Once I started felling better and had the strength to hold a camera again, I decided to focus on capturing the beauty of flowers in my home studio and my own back yard. This kept my mind sharp and helped with the boredom of a difficult recovery.
I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I had taking them.
I have included two links below. The first one is a short video I made about the flowers and the second one is a direct link to the website flower pictures in full resolution.
Let me know what you think. I want to hear from you.
During my next post I will explain how I took some of the pictures. Don't let me forget to do that.
[email protected] (Arpad Petrass Visceral Photography) Beyond Limits Photography San Clemente Dana Point French Tulips Humboldt County Iris Lily Lotus San Clemente flowers palm Husk ranunculus succulents tulips wedding roses Wed, 27 Aug 2014 06:34:18 GMT
Discovering California's Lost Coast Discover the lost California Coast of Humboldt County!
High Bluff  Lookout PointHigh Bluff Lookout PointDuring World War II there were a number of Lookout Posts along the Northern California coast set up to protect us from foreign enemies.

My son found this off the beaten path dirt road in Humboldt County. After climbing straight up this is what we found. If you had to be a lookout during the war then this surely has to be the perfect place.

The landscape is stunning, rugged and amazing.
Deep Into the WoodsDeep Into the WoodsPrairie Creek Redwoods State Park is a state park, located in Humboldt County, California, near the town of Orick and 50 miles north of Eureka. The 14,000 acre park is a coastal sanctuary for old-growth Coast Redwood trees.

The deeper you get into the forest the more the moss overtakes the Trees. No matter where you turn you are surrounded by natures beauty.
In April, I went north to Humboldt County to visit my son at Humboldt State University. I had no idea what awaited me photographically on this trip. This stretch of coastline has some of the most amazing scenery I have ever seen in California. It’s like going to Big Sur but on steroids.  I had planned on posting these a lot sooner but because of my recent heart surgery everything has been a bit delayed as you can well imagine.
Most people do not travel this far north in California. It is about 5 ½ hours above of San Francisco.  If you decide to ever make this trip you will not be disappointed.  Spectacular beaches like College Cove and False Klamath Cove await you. You will be in the middle of lush , green, moss covered forests. The retinas in your eyes will explode with the color of green, green, green. The vistas of the rocky beaches below with rushing rivers pouring into the ocean are everywhere. This is one trip that you must add to your Bucket List.
I hope that you enjoy these photos as much as I did taking them. Now that I am feeling a little better I hope to post more pictures. I can’t wait to get back out in the field to take more photos but that may take a little longer then hoped due to the surgery.
  False Klamath CoveFalse Klamath CoveThe rush of a river meets the power of the ocean.

This is a very powerful metaphor bringing together two natural forces in nature as they merge and become one.

The Yurok Indians had a legend that the Klamath River once emptied into the ocean at the cove. As its name might suggest, this small cove fooled the crews of some ships sailing along the Pacific coast in the area into thinking this was the mouth of the Klamath River which is actually a few miles to the south.
Arpad Petrass
[email protected] (Arpad Petrass Visceral Photography) Beaches Big Sur College Cove False Klamath Cove Francisco" Humboldt County Landscape Photography, Photography Photography" San San Clemente Sunset beach Photography rocky Beaches Fri, 25 Jul 2014 00:36:44 GMT
Ist Summer Video

Summer Video

Having some fun with Video. What do you think

[email protected] (Arpad Petrass Visceral Photography) Beyond Limits Photography Clemente" Photography San San Clemente summer sale summer video Mon, 21 Jul 2014 04:30:54 GMT
Beaches, Oceans, Sunsets and Metal Montana De OroMontana De OroDriving past San Luis Obispo, we stopped at "Montana De Oro" State Park to check it out and came access this beautiful little moss laden inlet by the ocean. What a lovely surprise.

Breaking News!-Beaches, Oceans, Sunsets and Metal!

I went crazy and added a bunch of new photos of Beaches, Oceans and Sunsets to my website. I could not decide which ones I liked the most so I put all of them on there.  Would  you to decide which ones you like the best. For your trouble I will send you a code # that will save 10% off any future order that you may place with me. I know it’s not a lot but it’s a just a Thank You from me for taking the time to give me your valuable feedback.

 If you send me an e-mail or make a positive comment on the website of which photos are your favorite beach, sunset or ocean pictures, I will send you a coupon by e-mail in return.


Put your own personal Images on Metal Prints!



 I love creating Beauty through my photography and why shouldn't you. If you want to create lasting memories like I do then put your personal memories on Metal Aluminum Prints. Send me your best photos and we will do the rest. I will personally review each image that you send me and have it developed with the same careful attention to detail that every one of my pictures receive. Let the world see who you really are. Show me your pictures Today!­­ More details will be coming soon on this exciting new process.

New Local Travel Blog!


Salt Creek SunsetSalt Creek SunsetIn the winter the sunsets at Salt Creek Beach are truly spectacular. Sometimes on a clear day you can see Catalina Island

Do you love to travel like I do? Check out my new blog on the website for Local Travel Ideas of places to go for fun and leisure. In addition to my normal Blog comments I will be sending out tips for Local Travel every 7-10 days. This will be a lot of fun. I hope that you will be inspired.

Take care my friends. Off to another photo shoot.


[email protected] (Arpad Petrass Visceral Photography) Aluminum California Clemente Local Travel Blog Metal Prints, Oceans Prints" San beaches sunsets Fri, 13 Jun 2014 22:58:04 GMT
Sunnylands the "Camp David " of the West Coast  

What is Sunnylands?

Sunnylands is the 200-acre estate in Rancho Mirage, California that was the West Coast home of Ambassador and Mrs. Walter H. Annenberg. Completed in 1966, Sunnylands was designed by architect A. Quincy Jones with interiors by William Haines and Ted Graber.

Today it is A West Coast "Camp David," where global leaders seek to advance international agreement.

You can take a tour the Historic House but you have to buy tickets well in advance. The Gardens and Museum are all free.

 The 25,000-square-foot midcentury modern house is located on landscaped grounds that include a private golf course, tennis court, swimming pool, and 11 fishing lakes. The Annenbergs welcomed to Sunnylands seven United States presidents, British royalty, international political figures, and cultural and entertainment legends. 

Most Recently President Obama meet with  King Abdullah II of Jordon

If you love history, gardens, world famous artwork, and you know what the Rat Pack “ was in Hollywood you will not want to miss this fantastic place. Here is the Link to their website.


Arpad Petrass

[email protected] (Arpad Petrass Visceral Photography) Arpad Petrass Desert Jordon King Abdulla II Palm Springs President Obama Ranch Mirage San Clemente annenbergs desert sunnnylands sunnylands Tue, 03 Jun 2014 04:24:36 GMT
Chihuly in the Desert Garden-See it before its gone! On my photo shoot last week I stopped by the Chihuly Installation in Phoeniz AZ. OMG what an amazing experience. Rush out there NOW before it is gone!. This show ends May 18th!


Discovery and surprise await you on the Garden trails at the Desert Botanical Gardens. Artist Dale Chihuly returns to the Desert Botanical Garden this fall with a stunning exhibition of his extraordinary and vibrant works of art. Chihuly is credited with revolutionizing the Studio Glass movement and elevating the perception of the glass medium from craft to fine art. He is renowned for his ambitious architectural installations around the world, in historic cities, museums and gardens. Chihuly’s work is included in more than 200 museum collections worldwide including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Smithsonian American Art Museum and the Corning Museum of Glass. Major exhibitions include Chihuly Over Venice (1995-96), Chihuly in the Light of Jerusalem (1999), Garden Cycle (2001– present),and displays at the de Young Museum in San Francisco (2008), the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston (2011) and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond (2012). Chihuly Garden and Glass opened at Seattle Center in 2012. Chihuly Garden and Glass opened at Seattle Center in 2012.


[email protected] (Arpad Petrass Visceral Photography) Arizona Arpad Petrass Beyond Limits Photography, Chihuly Chihuly in the Garden Clemente" Dana Point Desert Botanical Garden Flowers Glass Blowing Photography San San Clemente cactus desert phoenix Mon, 12 May 2014 22:26:12 GMT
I won, I won , I won! I Won, I Won, I Won! …. I am so pleased to announce that that National Geographic magazine senior editor Kurt  Mutchler selected my “Grandmother Tree “ photograph……

First Snow in Owens ValleyFirst Snow in Owens ValleyThe view of this single majestic tree standing all alone in Owens Valley was breathtaking. With the snow capped mountains behind it, I simply had to stop and record its beauty. I hope the farmer didn't mind :-)
THE ART OF TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY  juried show features photographs taken in the context of travel, whether in the United States or throughout the wide world.

The Photoplace Gallery in Vermont invited National Geographic senior editor Kurt Mutchler as the juror for this exhibition.  Kurt chose 40 photographs for display at PhotoPlace Gallery. He also selected 35 additional photographs for the gallery's Online Annex. My “Grandmother Tree” was selected for the Online Annex.

One of the delights of travel is seeing the world in new and different ways.  This experience is heightened when the world is seen photographically…..”

 Juror's Statement:
“Traveling to enjoy new experiences can be arduous when you are also intent on taking good photographs—for example, you wish the light was better or you had more time to spend on exploring a subject. Congratulations to all the photographers in this judging. You all managed to make it work.

As a photo editor at National Geographic magazine I gravitate to photographs that capture a “decisive moment” and are free of contrivance. I also look for landscapes that talk to me like good portraits—capturing the personality of the scene with beautiful light, perfect composition and a mood that beckons me there.
There were many photographers that had a nice mix of work and it was difficult to just pick one. This was especially true when they had a nice scene, portrait or lovely landscape. Which do you choose?  I thoroughly enjoyed my vicarious journey through everyone’s eyes. To me, you are all winners! “
--Kurt Mutchler

Thank You Kurt Mutchler and the Photoplace Gallery in Vermont for selecting my work. It means a great deal to me to be recognized an appreciated.
I have included the photo for your review my friends. There is so much more to photograph out there.

Arpad Petrass


[email protected] (Arpad Petrass Visceral Photography) Arpad Petrass Beyond Limits Photography San Clemente, Dana Point Grandmother Tree Juried show Photography Photoplace San Clemente The Art of Travel Photography vermont Fri, 02 May 2014 22:26:35 GMT
MONARCH BUTTERFLY-WATCHING SPOTS IN CALIFORNIA Monarch Butterfly-Watching Spots in California

Monarch butterflies are not able to survive the cold winters of most of the United States so they migrate south and west each autumn to escape the cold weather. The monarch migration usually starts in about October of each year and in California ends around February or March.

Since I am a California guy, I chose to go to Pismo Beach because each year thousands of vibrant orange and black Monarch Butterflies flock to Pismo Beach, seeking shelter from the freezing northern winters. The butterflies cluster in the limbs of a grove of Eucalyptus trees at Pismo State Beach. The grove is easily accessible. It is located on State Highway 1 at the south boundary of the city limits of Pismo Beach.

Spectators come from all over the Central Coast and throughout the state to view the Monarchs. Visitors are greeted by knowledgeable and well-informed volunteer docents offering daily talks and information.

The Pismo Beach colony is one of the largest in the nation, hosting an average of 25,000 butterflies over the last five years.

Listed below are other wonderful location to see the Monarchs if you cannot  get to Pismo State Beach.

* Fremont, Ardenwood Historic Farm, in the North Woods between the railroad tracks and the northern fence boundary

 * Santa Cruz, Natural Bridges State Beach, a site accessible to everyone

 * Pacific Grove Monarch Grove Sanctuary, Monarch butterfly grove near Monterey

 * Andrew Molera State Park, Big Sur, through the Environmental Campground to Cooper’s Cabin

 * Morro Bay State Park, typically around campsite #116

 * Pismo Beach, Pismo State Beach, at the south end of the North Beach Campground

 * Santa Barbara, Coronado Butterfly Preserve

 * Ventura, Camino Real Park: Main Street east to Mills Road. Turn left onto Mills. Turn right Dean Drive west to the park entrance

 * Malibu, Point Mugu State Park, Big Sycamore Canyon (an autumn site)

 * Long Beach, El Dorado Nature Center

 * Encinitas, Monarch Butterfly House

 * San Diego, UCSD (La Jolla Shores Dr at Azul St)

Be sure to put this trip on your next road Trip Bucket List. Happy Viewing and shooting. Don’t forget your Tripod for the really great photos.

Arpad Petrass

[email protected] (Arpad Petrass Visceral Photography) California Dana Point Encinitas Malibu Monarch butterfly San Clemente Santa Barbara Ventura big sur fremont long beach migration monarch butterfly morro bay state park pacific grove pismo Beach santa cruz Wed, 23 Apr 2014 23:08:57 GMT
Flower Fields at Carlsbad-See it before they are gone! You must see the Flower Fields® before May 11 at Carlsbad Ranch

If you love flowers, taking Pictures, riding in tractors and listening to music come visit this amazing flower field in San Diego County. My wife and I went out there last weekend and we had such a great time walking the grounds and taking wonderful pictures. You will too.

For over sixty years, Mother Nature has transformed the rolling hills of North San Diego County into one of the most spectacular and coordinated displays of natural color and beauty anywhere in the world. The nearly fifty acres of Giant Tecolote Ranunculus flowers that make up The Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch® in Carlsbad, California, are in bloom for approximately six to eight weeks each year - from early March through early May - literally bringing the famous fields back to life. This annual burst of color, which has become part of the area's local heritage, also is one of nature's official ways of announcing the arrival of spring here in Southern California.

Season: Spring (March 1, 2014 through May 11, 2014)
Hours: Open to the public seven days a week from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Prices: $12.00 for Adults, $11.00 for Seniors 60+, $6.00 for Children 3-10, Children 2 and under are free

Information Line: (760) 431-0352







[email protected] (Arpad Petrass Visceral Photography) Beyond Limits Photography San Clemente, , Dana Point San Clemente The Flower Fields carlsbad ranch flowers photography ranunculus san Diego Sun, 20 Apr 2014 00:57:53 GMT
Experience Spain by Train on Eurail

Trains in Spain

AVE train in scenic landscape

Travel through Spain by rail and see the best this country has to offer from the unspoilt beaches of the Costa Brava, past the Sierra Nevada mountain range in Andalusia and between traditional towns and cities.

Visit Spain's most popular cities Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Seville by regional, high-speed or night train and experience vibrant culture and top cuisine along the way.

Find out more: What is Eurail?

[email protected] (Arpad Petrass Visceral Photography) Beyond Limits Photography San Clemente, Eurail San Clemente Spain Travel europe train Travel Thu, 17 Apr 2014 22:22:07 GMT
FREE Photography Workshop at OCSUMMITS

Come - Learn - Be Inspired! this FREE Photography Workshop

I am Going! do you want to join me?


Saturday, May 3
8:30 AM to 3:30 PM

Sponsored by Canon and may others

Saddleback Church
1 Saddleback Parkway
Lake Forest, CA 92630

Join us for an exciting day of learning and a hands-on photography experience. Held at Saddleback Church’s Lake Forest campus, this event will bring together thousands of passionate photographers eager to learn new techniques and see the latest equipment. The event will feature exhibitors interacting photo enthusiasts of all skill levels and introduce them to products and services in a friendly, intimate and exciting setting.

Bring your camera! We'll also have many hands-on workshops such as: Natural Light Portraits, Lighting Workshops, Creative Expression, Macro Photography, Lightroom, and Action Photography.

Camera & Equipment Expo will feature photography vendors with some of the latest and greatest in camera equipment. You'll be able to try out various cameras and lenses onsite during the workshops for free!


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Death Valley The Hottest Place on Earth DEATH VALLEY the hottest place on earth….its not just the climate.

This was my first visit to Death Valley National Park and it exceeded my expectations and I can’t wait to come back.

The hottest place on earth is also the koolist place to visit. Its not really a valley either. Millions of years ago two tectonic plates crashed together. After they separated this enormous gulf of land was created between the two plates.

There are golden and red canyons, gorgeous sand dunes of the Mojave Desert, salty mud flat, ghost towns, volcanic craters and in the winter snow capped mountains. There are even unexpected surprises like a Spanish Provincial style castle know as Scotty’s Caste.

Here are the places that I visited: Artist's Way, Zabriske Point, Manly Beacon, Ubehebe Crater, Golden Canyon, Rhyolte Nevada, Badwater, Mesquite Flats Sand Dunes, The Last Supper by Artist Albert Szukalski, Mojave Desert and Scotty's Castle.

This is a must see for anyone. Be sure to put it on your bucket list. Send me your feedback and let me know what you think.

Arpad Petrass Gorgeous Sunset  at Mesquite Flats Sand Duns in Death Valley National ParkGorgeous Sunset at Mesquite Flats Sand Duns in Death Valley National Park******THIS IS A SIGNED LIMITED EDITION OF 100 PRINTS******

This is one of my favorite pictures. Just being out here at Mesquite Flats Sand Dunes in Death Valley National Park at Sunset took my breath away. It feels so endless, dangerous and mysterious.

[email protected] (Arpad Petrass Visceral Photography) Beyond Limits Photography San Clemente, Dana Point Death Valley Night Time Photography Photography San Clemente Valley" Zabriski Point, desert dunes" mesquite Flats sand scotty's castle, Mon, 14 Apr 2014 02:01:07 GMT
OPENING DAY! Fishing Season in Mono County  

Fishing season is almost here! Saturday, April 26th marks the fishing opener for Mono County and I have some more great news! Last week I told you 11,000 pounds of fish would be stocked. Well, we've got more. The Eastern Sierra Fishing Coalition will stock the Mammoth Lakes Basin with 14,000 pounds of trophy trout and we'll put 900 pounds in the Snowcreek pond for the Kids Fishing Festival on July 26th. That's a lot of fish!


Trout stocking for the Mammoth Lakes Basin begins the week of May 18th. Mark your calendars and stay tuned for your fishing report updates.


Fish on my friends !

The Eastern Sierras await you.





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17 things that Phototographers should not do

17 things photographers should not do

advice from Rosh Sillars


We know what photographers should do, but what about what you should not do or spend too much time on?  Here is my list of  17 things photographers should not do:

Do not …

1.  Spend too much time thinking about your gear.  Equipment is important, but it is not the core of photography.  It will not make you a better photographer.  Photographing makes you a better photographer.

2. Leave your camera at home.  Always have a camera handy.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve missed great opportunities due to a little laziness.

3. Photograph using the same techniques every time.  Your work will stagnate —  a sure sign you are not growing as a photographer.

4. Ignore the value of your copyright.  If your copyrights are not valuable, why are people working so hard to get them?

5. Take every assignment.  Every photographer has a few specialities.  Just because a job is offered to you doesn’t mean you should take it. It’s about your reputation.

6. Do everything yourself.  Hiring the right people to support you makes you look better.  Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.  Focus on your photography.

7. Fail to create an And.  Photographers need to separate themselves from the competition to survive.

8. Ignore the math.  Are your expenses higher than your income? (You can’t make it up in volume).

9. Forget to plan in advance.  The more you plan ahead and prepare yourself, your team and equipment, the more successful the assignment or outing.

10. Ignore blogging.  Blogging helps people get to know you on a deeper level as a photographer. It is also great for search engine optimization.

11. Ignore social media. Social media is one of the best ways to share your images with the world.

12. Place sensitive photographs on the web.  If you fear a photograph will be shared improperly or stolen for  use on the Web, don’t post it.

13. Ignore other lens options.  Don’t get too used to your favorite lens.

14. Forget your tripod.  As much I don’t like using a tripod, it’s important for certain types of photography.  You never know when you might need it.

15. Think you can fix everything in Photoshop.  Photoshop is  great tool but you need to start with great photography; it cannot fix everything.

16. Believe you don’t need Photoshop skills.  Today most images need some sort of correction or enhancement.

17. Stop learning.  The day you feel you know everything about photography is the day your photography begins to decline.

What would you add?



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Ferndale -Historical Town in Nothern California

I passed through the Historical town of Ferndale, California last week. What a nice unexpected treasure to find this little town. It was raining very hard that day so I was not able to get this great picture. I lifted it from their web site.

I also copied some interesting facts about Ferndale. This is a must see as a nice side trip if you are eve in Humboldt County.

Forbes named Ferndale one of AMERICA’S PRETTIEST TOWNS! "From its well-preserved Victorian-era main street, to its five-minute drive from California’s magnificent, undeveloped Lost Coast, Ferndale is a surprising trip back in time, with just enough modern quirkiness to make it unique."

"A genuine Victorian hamlet" (AP reporter Jennifer Marin), Ferndale has been dubbed "the best preserved Victorian village in California," by Los Angeles Times former travel editor Jerry Hulse.

Enjoy it if you ever get there.




[email protected] (Arpad Petrass Visceral Photography) Beyond Limits Photography San Clemente, , FernDale Victorian california historical town Tue, 08 Apr 2014 04:12:14 GMT
The NorthWest Open Space Photo Walk If you live in Southern California and want to get outdoors, meet other like mined individuals and  take some pictures join us this Sunday for our monthly photo walk. Once a month we pick a different location to hang out. This is a free event, open to everyone. Joins us today between 1-3PM. More info can be found at this link.

Northwest Open Space located at 30291 Camino Capistrano, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675,

[email protected] (Arpad Petrass Visceral Photography) North Open Photo Space Walk West Sun, 06 Apr 2014 17:44:45 GMT
Ties, color, more ties, more color

I went to a local museum the other day and saw really kool tie rack display in the gift shop. I just love the array of color that was on display in the rack.....Certainly a great example of color, color, color

[email protected] (Arpad Petrass Visceral Photography) Beyond Limits Photography San Clemente Dana Point Photography San Clemente color fashion museum tie tie rack Tue, 25 Mar 2014 21:04:41 GMT
Rare Historical Phots that will Blow your mind! I want to share these Rare Historical Pictures with everyone. As you scroll through them they become more serious and powerful seeing our history unfold before us.....What do you think? I certainly was moved by this. Certainly the images of the Civil War really were powerful.


After you see the pictures come back here and leave your comments



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The Phase One IQ250 CMOS digital camera

I came across this camera from my Sammy's Camera news letter. It looks amazing. There is a great video that goes with it.

The Phase One IQ250 CMOS digital back mounted to a Phase One 645DF+ camera

The Phase One IQ250 CMOS digital back mounted to a Phase One 645DF+ camera

(Credit: Phase One)

Just days after competitor Hasselblad tried to upstage it with similar news, medium-format camera maker Phase One announced a new digital back that, for the first time, employs a CMOS image sensor. Unlike the Hasselblad model, however, Phase One's new 50-megapixel IQ250 is shipping now.

Until now, the medium-format camera market stuck with an earlier sensor technology called CCD (charge-coupled device) for converting photons into data. Now this high-end market segment is following the rest of the digital camera industry to CMOS (complementary metal-oxide semiconductor) technology, the same manufacturing approach used to build conventional microchips.

The IQ250's new Sony-built sensor offers options for medium-format shooters, including high-sensitivity performance up to ISO 6,400; exposures as short at 1/10,000 of a second and as long as one hour; and a dynamic range spanning 14 f-stops for a better ability to capture details in both shadows and highlights. It doesn't take advantage of CMOS sensors' superior ability to shoot video, but that's no surprise or even shortcoming given that Phase One sells machines designed solely to capturing the best still photos possible.

Medium-format cameras use larger image sensors than even high-end conventional full-frame SLRs like the Nikon D800 or Canon 5D Mark III. Those full-frame SLRs' sensors measure 24x36mm, whereas Phase One's top-end IQ280 uses an 80-megapixel sensor from Teledyne Dalsa that measures 53.7x43.4mm.

The IQ250 uses a significantly smaller sensor, though, measuring 44x33mm, which means lenses will have a somewhat narrower field of view. And it only captures 14 bits per pixel data, compared to 16 bits per pixel for the IQ280 and IQ260. However, its 14-stop dynamic range is a notch better than IQ280's 13-stop range, and Sony has been doing a good job with sensors it's supplied to Nikon and itself.

Phase One's core products are digital backs, a module with a sensor housing, touch screen, CompactFlash slot, and USB 3.0 port that can be mounted onto a separate camera body. That approach can be convenient when a photographer wants to move to a new image sensor but doesn't want to pay for a new camera body, too.

Medium-format cameras are generally for dedicated professionals with big budgets. The IQ 250 costs $34,990 -- a high price but still short of the $36,990 60-megapixel IQ260, the $44,990 IQ260 Achromatic that shoots only black-and-white images, or the $43,990 IQ280.


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March Madnees is Here! March Madness is Here!

Usually we associate March Madness with college basketball. I have also heard it referred to as the main part of the breeding season of the European hare. Well, none of those things have anything to do with my photography. I just wanted you to be aware of my latest Gallery of Graphic Photography called “Dancing Lights”.

 All of the photos were taken at night while I was manipulating the camera. The results are pretty amazing as it created energy, color and movement to the compositions. I gave names to some of the photos because they reminded me of some of those emotions. Let me know what you think.

I also added two new photos in the Graphics Gallery called “ Boy Standing on a Rock” and

These are different then my usual Landscape shots but this taps into a different part of my creative process that I find equally exciting.

Love to hear from you guys.


Arpad Petrass

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Hello to all of my Photography Friends.  I was talking to my friend Catherin who is a photographer as well and  I came up with this wild  idea. I wanted to see if there was any interest in doing a Unofficial Photo Contest. There is NO PRIZE, NO MONEY, NO PRESTIGE …The process is just about having Fun and the joy of taking pictures. Your Only Reward is Bragging Rights that you won something!

I have not figured anything out yet, I don’t know what the rules are or who and how this would work. I need your help and feedback on that …..BUT I do know the Topic and here it is. A photo that shows

Something that's happening to me that I just don't know about?

#SanClemente, #Photography, #FineArtPhography, #PortraitPhotography,#DanaPoint, #BeachPhotography,#LandscapePhotography, #NaturePhotography,

If your interested just send me your feedback or comments. Yes, I will submit a photo as well


Arpad Petrass

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Lancaster Poppy Fields This picture was taken outside the CA State Poppy Fields in Lancaster , CA. It was taken with an older camera. So my first question is how do you feel about photography when it no longer looks like a traditional picture? Do you feel that "a picture should look like a picture" or are you open to seeing photos in a different way? I feel that a photograph can do both. What do you say?

[email protected] (Arpad Petrass Visceral Photography) Color Lancaster California Photography Photos Poppy Fields arpad Petrass southern California Tue, 24 Dec 2013 18:26:17 GMT