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So if you want to talk about life, traveling, taking pictures, being out in nature, discussing the purpose of life, your place in the universe, hiking, Spirituality, the great outdoors or whatever may be on your mind, then this will be that place…so lets blog on…..



Lovely LotusLovely LotusThis flower was the most amazing lotus flower that I had ever seen. I watched it as it stared to open and I quickly ran to get my camera. I could not believe the rate at which it unfolded before my very eyes. This was a gift from the Universe and I was there to witness its magical transformation. By the next morning it never opened again.


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I am very excited to announce that the curators of YourDailyPhotograph.comhave selected one of my photos . They select very few photos so this is an honor. This is an edition of only 5. Contact them if you are interested. Let me know what you think. I would love your feedback....Arpad Petrass

Contest Winner: "Old Texas Gold"

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Old Texas Gold-Old Texas Gold-Contest winner Your Daily Photograph Dear Friends and Photography  Lovers:

I am pleased to announce that my photo “Old Texas Gold” has been accepted by YourDailyPhotograph.com  one of the Contest Winners: for  ‘Transportation’ . Please click on the photo link Below:


In the recent past mages from Henri Cartier-Bresson, Andreas Gursky, Richard Misrach, Andre Kertesz, Edward Burtynsky and other photography legends have appeared in YDP.

Please help support me and share this information on your social media. If you are a collector you can purchase this limited edition directly from Your Daily Photograph.

Thanks for the support


5 Ways to Keep Your Photos Safe

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Five Ways to Keep Your Photos Safe

Releasing images to the World Wide Web is an important step in a modern photographer’s

marketing efforts, so when uploading your images, it’s crucial to know that your images are

securely protected from photo thieves.

I found this great article by Fine art photographer Adam Edwards breaks down the

five steps he takes to protect his images.  I could not agree more


Adam goes on to say :  ……Getting the perfect shot isn’t easy. As a landscape photographer, some of my shots are months

or even years in the making—waiting for the right time of year, appropriate lighting and weather

conditions, with further time being spent in post-production. I don’t want to let all that hard work

go down the drain so I make sure to protect my images online. Here’s how to keep them safe:


1. Copyright your images

The first step I take in my image protection workflow happens offline before uploading—I fill out

the metadata fields for the image. I use Adobe Lightroom, which allows me to save a template with

standard fields like copyright and common keywords pre-populated. I can then tailor the titles,

captions, and keywords as needed before uploading the images to my website using the plug-in.

Once uploaded, the title, description, keyword and copyright fields are then automatically

populated in my account, saving precious time and ensuring that all images carry a consistent

copyright notification.

2. Resize your images

When exporting and posting these images online in places other than my personal website, I always

make sure to resize the images to smaller versions so that even if they were to be downloaded,

high-quality prints could not be made from the files. Rather than needing to create multiple resized

versions offline, my website actually does this for me when a large image is uploaded, helpfully creating several resized versions ready for sharing on external sites.

3. Create a watermark

When posting on social media or art communities, I always include a watermark. While I’m not a big

fan of large, intrusive watermarks that detract from an image, adding a simple watermark with your

logo, business name and/or URL of your website can be an effective way to reinforce branding and

allow anyone viewing the image out of context to find more of your work and/or contact you.


4. Restrict gallery access with passwords

For the majority of my work I don’t need password-protected galleries, since the images I create generally aren’t sensitive client images requiring protection. That said, I do occasionally

shoot more personal images for clients, friends and family, and on these occasions I truly value the flexibility my website offers in presenting and protecting these images with a hidden or

password-protected gallery. If all of your work is client-related, it’s generally a smart move to implement this on every gallery, so that only the people in the photos have access to them.


5. Choose a website that keeps photos safe

All images uploaded to my website benefit from built-in protection against right-click saving or dragging to desktop by default, ensuring the images cannot easily be downloaded by would-be thieves without your say-so. My site allows me to upload my full-resolution images for storage and

print sales but limits the size they are displayed. This lets me strike a good balance between displaying photos large enough for viewers to appreciate the details while ensuring they aren’t so large that any downloaded files would be able to make high-quality prints. The ability to apply a

watermark and select my preferred image size when exporting to social media, without needing to create multiple resized, watermarked versions of the file before uploading, is a great time saver.

Also, the Share button I make available in my galleries allows anyone to easily share a link back to the page rather than allowing people to download and re-upload elsewhere as they choose.

As photographers, our images are our livelihood, so it is of the utmost importance to take steps to protect our images online. Having a website that ensures safety measures, along with being part of a good community of photographers who know your work, will surely keep the majority of your images safe.

Adam has been using Zenfolio for years and loves the right-click protection, copyright notice on each page, and the vast array of image protection tools at his disposal. “Zenfolio allows me to display my work at its best across a wide range of devices, while also ensuring that my image security needs are met. It also offers me peace of mind knowing that high-resolution versions of my images are backed up online and available for me to download back to my computer at any time.”

To learn more about how you can keep your images safe with the best photo website out there, visit www.zenfolio.com and sign up for the free, two-week trial today.

© 2014 Zenfolio Inc.



Storm Clouds

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I am very Happy to announce that my Storm Clouds Photo was selected as one of the winning pictures in the juried exhibition Nocturne. This is my first time working with the Darkroom Gallery in Vermont. The exhibit opens September 17th.


Congrats on your selection for inclusion in Darkroom Gallery's "Nocturne" Exhibition. http://www.darkroomgallery.com/ex73

Posted by Thedark Room on Monday, August 24, 2015

Long Exposure Photography

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I am really falling in love with night time photography and using long exposure. There is such a sense of adventure, mystery, science and luck associated with taking pictures outdoors at night or within the confines of your own studio. Especially if your studio sometimes happens to be in your own kitchen at times.

I wanted to do something different so i went out to Casa Romantica in San Clemente CA to take this picture. I wanted to get an old time feel to the photograph so I shot it in black & white and gave it a sepia tint in post production.

The funny part about taking this picture, as I was setting up in their parking lot, the doors suddenly as their special event had just ended. Everyone was making a mad dash to their cars as I was trying to take a good picture. Its a good thing that no one ran me over. I sure was not going to die for my craft.

The ISO was set at 100- f18 and 1/10 of a sec on the shutter speed. The slow shutter speed gave the water a missy quality and the low ISO got ride of some grain and noise.

Free Photography Workshops

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Birds NestBirds NestThis originally started out as a closeup of a birds next that was in the neighbors back yard. The crazy circular lines just spoke to me so I had to create something with it.
Come to the #OCphotoSummit for a FREE Day of Photography! 10speakers, 6workshops & Camera Equipment Expo. register @ http://OCsummits.com

I went Last Year and it was a Blast! Learn something new and it s FREE

Opening Day for mammoth Lakes Fishing

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Here is the Opening Day Letter from the Mammoth Lakes Tourism Board...Wow what a day! Fish On Everyone!



.......What an opener! It was a White Fishmas with the 12" of snow we received, but that didn't stop those who were here from casting their lines. Monitor Pass and Sonora Pass had closed due to the weather but reopened yesterday (4/27). The weather now is looking to be in the upper 60's for the rest of the week, which will make it a great weekend to get out and catch some trout. 


Fishing conditions in Hot Creek are good but the water levels are low sitting at 18cfs as of yesterday (4/27). If you can find a good spot, then the fishing is quite good. Recommended fly is a Griffith's Gnat #22 or an extended body blue winged olive 20-22.
The water levels in Crowley Lake are on the rise, and the fishing conditions are decent in most areas, but the fish are spread out. They're also in all different depths of water so use your fishfinder to help you locate those guys.
Some fishermen had good luck at Twin Lakes in Bridgeport with some weighing in just under 11 pounds. Although the weather was pretty tough, they stuck it out and did pretty well. Try using various stick baits like Papalas for trolling or inflated crawlers and power bait (always my go-to) for bait fishing.


Fish on!




Mammoth Lakes Tourism

Light Painting- A New Touch

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Light PaintingLight PaintingThis Photograph was taken in a dark doom without any electrical lights illuminating the subject or background. It was all done by a hand held flash light

I learned a few new Light Painting techniques recently that I am excited about. This photo was taken in a totally dark room using a long exposure of 20 seconds at f16. Start with an ISO of about 400 and experiment. There was no Photoshopping of the image except for a crop or two. This is the untouched JPEG

There were no studio lights used. Every light that you see is a short burst of light with a hand held flash light. The results are amazing. Let me know what you think.


Winners of the 2015 "Bridges" Competition

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Dear Friends, Collectors and Fans:                 

I am pleased to announce that one of my photos "The Eye Of Hope" has been accepted by www.YourDailyPhotograph.com . I am so excited by this because in the recent past images from Henri Cartier-Bresson, Andreas Gursky, Richard Misrach, Andre Kertesz, Edward Burtynsky and other photography legends have appeared in YDP.

Here is the  link to the photograph.


The Photograph goes on Sale April 6th 2015 

When you see it let me know what you think.  I would love to hear from. Happy Easter everyone!


Arpad Petrass

The Love Connection

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The Love Collection....
Inspiring Love Stories from National Geographic!
Did you Know that Alexander Graham Bell.........
"At National Geographic, we know that love takes many forms. Passion for the planet, lust for learning, natural instincts, and good old-fashioned romance—we celebrate them all."
Click on the link to read more


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